“Where should we brunch?” No more Sunday morning confusion! Kweezine offers you a selection of restaurants to help you find the perfect place for next Sunday. There are options for everyone including a traditional, gourmet, or vegetarian brunch!


Excuse my French, hello Brunch Anglais

While it is easy to find a brunch on Sunday, Excuse My French Café is one of the only cafés in Bordeaux to offer brunch on Saturdays as well. Discover this unusual place, a true middle ground between an English coffee & tea shop and a French bistro. You can choose between 3 meals according to your late morning cravings : the mini-brunch at 12 €, the standard brunch at 15 € and the mega brunch at 18 €. The menu includes creamy and fluffy Feta-style scrambled eggs, chocolate-filled pancakes with fresh quinoa fruit salad, smoked trout scones, cream cheese or cream of mushrooms, or pigs in a blanket, and sausages with bacon. Each meal is accompanied by a cold drink from the region: house-made lemonade, organic chocolate milk, local wine and a hot drink of your choice.

Enjoy your brunch on the terrace under the morning sun !



87 rue des Faures 

33000 Bordeaux – 05 56 94 05 23


Le Buro des Possibles – the perfect Franco-American brunch

Le Buro des Possibles is the newest gourmet, friendly spot in the Saint-Michel district. This eco-friendly working café has become an essential place to eat in Bordeaux. The place is absolutely lovely and feels right at home. Sunday brunch surfing between French tradition and great American classics. On the menu : homemade granola, pancakes, candied bacon inspired by our Quebec cousins, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, cheeses, and your choice of a hot drink and an organic juice, all for only 20 €. More importantly, the desserts are to die for- a professional pastry chef in the kitchen changes everything!


2 rue Planterose

33000 Bordeaux – 05 33 05 74 81

Le Buro des PossiblesFacebook 

Les Sauvages, the brunch that will make you travel

Les Sauvages recently settled in the Chartrons district and the least we can say is that it was very quickly noticed! The reason for this craze? Original recipes from around the world. Here, brunch is every Sunday. The two menu options allow each individual to choose what suits him/her accordingly: Smaller meal at 12 € – 1 sweet or salty dish + 1 hot drink or a larger meal at 20 € – 1 sweet dish + 1 salty dish + 1 hot drink +1 cold drink. All dishes are homemade with local and seasonal ingredients. Among the salty dishes: avocado toast, smoked salmon salad or a chicken burger. And among the sweet dishes : banana pancakes, a malibu bowl or bread with French pastries. Once you experience this brunch, you will want to spend hours here.

❤ If you want to brunch near the Garonne, you can get a “Les sauvages brunch” to-go!

Brunch Bordeaux

Photo © Les Sauvages


49 cours de la Martinique
33000 Bordeaux – 06 78 80 91 68

Mami Wata’s exotic brunch

Exit the classic brunch and get in touch with exotic flavors. Every Sunday Mami Wata serves a 16 € brunch with fresh and quality ingredients from the Capuchin market. On the menu: a yassa chicken skewers, accompanied by an egg specialty that varies according to the chef’s mood. The sweet little note consists of fresh fruit, muesli and dessert of the week. For drinks, you will find all the classics: coffee, tea, fresh-squeezed orange juice, or a glass of wine or beer.


25 Cours de l’Yser

33800 Bordeaux – 06 46 12 58 95


Verde Nero, the coffee shop brunch

This coffee shop is undoubtedly the largest in Bordeaux, with eco-friendly vibes. For brunch, there are 2 options – the classic brunch for 19 € which is closer to the traditional version of brunch: fresh-squeezed orange juice, coffee or tea, an english muffin with  an accompaniment of choice and wonderful small delicacies (pancakes, house-made granola, & fresh fruit salad). There is also the Verde Nero version for 21 € for a larger brunch. The dishes are simple but delicious and hearty. Also, you can enjoy your brunch while basking in the sun on the beautiful terrace.

❤  Calling all coffee lovers! Verde Nero offers dozens of exceptional coffees from all over the world (from Kenya to Peru to Indonesia).


24 Rue des Ayres

33000 Bordeaux – 05 57 34 46 41

Verde NeroFacebook 

Monologue, the quality buffet

This tea room and cozy restaurant has recently opened at rue du Palais Gallien. The Monologue has managed to relieve us of the stresses of sunday brunch with a delicious buffet, and it works! Successful, The Monologue which initially served brunch once a month, recently started to serve brunch every Sunday. You will find only local products that will certainly satisfy your taste buds. For 29 €, you can enjoy savory dishes of all kinds (farm chicken, scrambled eggs with salmon or bacon, savory cake, salads, pasta salads or gratin, homemade croque and various cheeses) and delicious sweet treats (brownies, lemon cake, carrot cake, cupcakes, homemade granola, cottage cheese, seasonal fruits, waffles, jams, breads with brioche from Maison Hermelin). Not to mention the usual drinks: hot chocolate, coffee, tea and various fruit juices.


35 rue du Palais Gallien

33000 Bordeaux – 05 54 49 93 12


The prestigious Boutique Hotel brunch

Served every Sunday at the Wine Bar, this brunch offers a wide selection of drinks and savory & sweet dishes for € 32 per person. It is a little more expensive than the average brunch in Bordeaux given the quality of the products and dishes offered, almost all homemade. Sunny or not, you can enjoy your brunch in the heart of a beautiful indoor garden covered with a glass roof.


3 rue Lafaurie de Monbadon

33000 Bordeaux –

Boutique Hôtel Bordeaux

The tailor-made brunch at Le Coin de Camille

At this small spot in the Saint-Pierre district, you can enjoy a full brunch for 22 € per person. A brunch with 3 courses including your choice of a traditional breakfast, a savory dish and a sweet dish… we leave with a full belly! We must mention the fresh and homemade dishes made from seasonal products.

You may modify the menu according to your diet or food restrictions – vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free, everyone is welcome !


56 rue du Pas de Saint-Georges

33000 Bordeaux –

Le Coin de Camille – Facebook

Koeben, the Nordic brunch

For a change from the classic brunch, try Scandinavian brunch with Danish, Swedish and Finnish recipes. For 28 €, an unlimited brunch including items like: pickled herring, smoked salmon, black bread, not to mention the famous little Swedish cinnamon rolls. Almost everything is homemade! All dishes are served cold and are very suitable for a summer brunch. Koeben is a mix between a restaurant, a Nordic design shop and a Scandinavian grocery store, it has it all!


32 rue du Palais Gallien

33000 Bordeaux – 

Koeben  – Facebook 

Juliena, an unlimited delicacy

The must-have Chartrons tea room offers a hearty and varied brunch where you will be more than satisfied! If you cannot finish everything, don’t panic because you can take the leftovers to-go! For only € 21, you will find delicious home-made sweet & savory dishes and drinks. The Juliena brunch is offered only once a month! We adore the Swedish decoration and the large windows that add much character to the place.


15 rue Notre-Dame

33000 Bordeaux –


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