Oomji, the melting between Korea and France !

The Kweezine team has unearthed you a new place to test quickly ! Oomji is an exclusiveness in France : a mix between Korean and French cuisine.

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Oomji opened it doors in the Place de la Victoire in September 2019. Like the restorers of the place, Nicolas and Hajeong, the idea of the restaurant was born from the fusion of Korean an French gastronomic cultures.

Their specialities are called the “Opang”, which is a small steamed Korean buns, and the “Bingsu”, which is a typical Korean ice cream with the appearance of snowflakes, all revisited in french gastronomy. On the menu, you can taste a vegetarian or not, salted Opang and also a sweet one perfume to the flavor of your choice. Concerning the Bingsu, it is made with a traditional machine directly brought from South Korea. You can vary the pleasures with different flavors to customize with some toppings for an exceptional treat !

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Oomji also showcases the respect of our wonderful planet. To do so, they use organic products and only make homemade cooked dishes for their specialities. All the packagings they use are biodegradable ! Actually, they use only vegetables straws (paste or cornstarch ones), coffee cups made in coffee grounds, recycled bamboo plates … To conclude, Oomji is THE novelty of the moment that you will not find anywhere else, a unique concept to discover quickly !

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5 rue de Candale – 33 000 Bordeaux
05 47 79 79 01

Web Site – Facebook

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