A food tour in Bordeaux, the best way to discover local specialties

Discover Bordeaux, its streets, its monuments, its history through its culinary specialties

Bordeaux is a city renowned for its prestigious wines, but its culinary scene is just as incredible. Visitors can discover the best local products and authentic flavors of the region by taking one of the city’s many food tours. Food tours in Bordeaux are the perfect opportunity to discover local culinary specialties while exploring the city’s historic districts. Whether you are a wine lover or simply curious to discover new flavors, Bordeaux is the ideal city to visit for a typical and gourmet food tour.

The best culinary addresses in Bordeaux

Even if there are many good addresses in Bordeaux, we have selected a few to include in your food tour. We guarantee you that these are not to be missed:

Le Loup : a restaurant in a modern and elegant place located in rue du Loup, which serves a local, gourmet and inventive cuisine.

La fine bouche : a stylish gourmet establishment that offers creative cuisine, tasting menu options and wine pairings.

Le quatrième mur : in the grand theater of Bordeaux, Philippe Etchebest offers refined seasonal cuisine in an elegant and bright setting.

Loco by Jem’s : bistronomic at lunchtime, gastronomic in the evening, food and wine pairings, this restaurant will delight your taste buds.

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Local culinary specialties not to be missed during your food tour

Bordeaux is a must-see gastronomic destination for French food lovers. The city is full of local culinary specialties to discover during a food tour. Among the must-try dishes are foie gras, tarte Tatin, cannelés, potatoes with savory or tourtière bordelaise. There is also of course the duck à la bordelaise, a traditional dish prepared with grilled duck breast accompanied by a sauce made with Bordeaux red wine. Seafood lovers will not be able to resist the oysters of the Gironde estuary, considered as one of the best in the world. Cheese lovers will also appreciate tasting the Bleu des Causses, a blue-veined cheese made from raw cow’s milk. Finally, to end on a sweet note, you can’t miss the cannelés, an emblematic dessert of the city. These local culinary specialties are a real treat for the taste buds and allow you to discover the authenticity of Bordeaux’s gastronomy. How can you visit Bordeaux without trying its rich and varied regional cuisine? Find these authentic dishes during your food tour and visit of Bordeaux at the following addresses:

Restaurant Mélodie Bordeaux
La boîte à huîtres
Baud and Millet
La toque cuivrée

The good wines of Bordeaux to taste during the food tour

The wines of Bordeaux are renowned worldwide for their quality and diversity. There are many famous grands crus of Bordeaux, here are some of the best wines of the region:

Château Margaux: a grand cru classé from the Margaux region, known for its elegant and fruity red wines.
Château Latour: a grand cru classé from the Pauillac region, known for its intense and concentrated red wines.
Château Haut-Brion: a grand cru classé from the Pessac-Léognan region, known for its elegant and balanced red wines.
Château Cheval Blanc: a grand cru classé from the Saint-Emilion region, known for its complex and aromatic red wines.
Château d’Yquem: a grand cru classé from the Sauternes region, known for its exceptional sweet wines.

Taste them at the Intendant Grands Vins de Bordeaux, at La maison Gabin or at the Chai des Chartrons.

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The gastronomic experience in Bordeaux: discover the local flavors

Bordeaux is a must-see gastronomic destination for French food lovers. Food tours in Bordeaux allow you to discover local culinary specialties while exploring the city’s historic districts. A gastronomic experience in Bordeaux to do with family or friends to discover the richness and diversity of Bordeaux’s cuisine, which combines tradition and modernity. An activity that allows you to taste typical dishes of the region in the many restaurants of the city offering tasty and quality local dishes made with fresh products. You will also be able to meet local artisans and producers and visit the city’s markets to buy fresh products. These discoveries will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the gastronomic culture of Bordeaux. In short, a gastronomic experience in Bordeaux is an opportunity to discover the authentic flavors of Bordeaux cuisine, accompanied by its famous wines, while learning about the history and culture of the city.

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Discover the best addresses in Bordeaux right here.



  • Are food tours suitable for people with dietary restrictions?
    Some food tour companies offer options for people with dietary restrictions, so it is important to check with them before booking to make sure they can accommodate your needs


  • Are food tours available in English and French?
    Most food tour companies offer tours in both French and English, so it is important to check with them before booking to make sure they offer tours in the language of your choice.


  • How long does a food tour in Bordeaux last?
    The duration of a food tour in Bordeaux generally varies between 2 and 3 hours.


  • How much does a food tour in Bordeaux cost?
    Prices for food tours in Bordeaux vary depending on the food tour company, but they can range from 30 to 80 euros.
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