The 8 must-see wine bars in Bordeaux

Discover the essence of Bordeaux’s wine culture with a journey through its finest wine bars. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a traveler seeking a taste of Bordeaux’s renowned viticulture, these exceptional venues offer an unforgettable experience. From cozy cellars to trendy lounges, indulge in exquisite local wines and uncover hidden gems.  In this article, we offer you a selection of the best wine bars or cellars in Bordeaux, the unmissable city for its wine territory. If you visit Bordeaux during a stay, don’t hesitate to take a break in one of these six bars. You will be able to taste all types of wines : red, white, rosé, biodynamic, natural… and learn more about wine. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.

ComplanTerra, biodynamic, organic and natural wines

A stone’s throw from Fernand Lafargue square in Bordeaux, come and discover ComplanTerra, a small Bordeaux address where life is good. Between wine cellar, wine bar and certified organic wine tasting course, this place promises you to spend a warm and friendly moment where you can discover a selection of wine.

The wine bar, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30pm to 11:30pm, offers you all the references of the wine cellar for a corkage fee of 12 €. On Friday evening from 5:30pm to 7pm, enjoy a “happy bouchon” for only 6 €. You can also accompany your tasting with boards to share and snacks available on the menu, all prepared with ingredients from environmentally friendly agriculture and animal welfare.

Don’t wait any longer to come and visit this friendly and welcoming place in Bordeaux ! By going to ComplanTerra, you will have a good time and you will only want to go back ! It is a very good address of wine bar in Bordeaux to taste natural, biodynamic and organic wines.

Then, if you want to participe to the tasting course to discover organic, biodynamic and natural wines, don’t hesitate to book you Saturday morning from 11am to 12pm or your Saturday afternoon from 4pm to 5pm.

📍I go there : 42 rue Sainte-Colombe, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? The bar : Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30pm to 11:30pm / The cellar : Tuesday from 3pm to 9pm and Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 2pm and from 3pm to 9pm

wine | 2
Crédit photo ©ComplanTerra

Blind, the blind wine tasting

Located in the heart of Bordeaux, near the famous Place Gambetta, let yourself be surprised by a unique taste experience by opting for the tasting international wines accompanied by delicious dishes to share.

The concept : a blind tasting in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with a selection of wines carefully chosen by an expert sommelier. The team, very attentive, will suggest you organic or biodynamic wines, coming from France or from amazing regions of the world and especially selected according to your preferences or by leaving them a free rein.

To accompany this unique moment, treat yourself with dishes from a peruvian gastronomy, elaborated on site with fresh local ingredients. You will be able to taste a veal carpaccio, pork anticuho, grilled potatoes, cheese plate or a chocolate brownie… As for the price, it is necessary to count 17 € for the plates to be shared, 27 € for starter + dish or dish + dessert and 35 € for the starter + dish + dessert. Would you like to experience a new taste adventure ? Enjoy an original and refined culinary experience by choosing this atypical address, which promises to satisfy all lovers of wine and peruvian cuisine. Between food and wine, you are bound to have a good time.

Don’t miss this bar in Bordeaux !

📍I go there : 12 rue Castelnau d’Auros, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 2:30pm and from 5pm to 12am / Sunday from 5pm to 12am

wine | 3
Crédit photo ©Blind

Les Furies Douces, organic wines and winegrower

For wine lovers and Notre Dame street, we have found the address to go to : the small bar Les Furies Douces in Bordeaux. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, this place offers organic and biodynamic wines only produced by women winemakers whose choice comes from Audrey Bocahut, the founder of this wine bar.

In order to have a good time in a cosy and warm atmosphere, Audrey has mixed her two passions : wine and music. Here, you will be able to taste different types of wines, all as tasty as each other. To accompany your tasting of organic and women-only wine from various regions of France, the menu offers food sush as boards to share and homemade tapas made from fresh and seasonal products. In addition, a piano is available to enliven your tasting experience. And that’s not all ! You can even privatize the wine bar for a whole day or just for a few hours.

This small and original wine bar is really the ideal place to enjoy a good time with friends, family or colleagues and taste a selection of quality wines !

📍I go there : 109 rue Notre Dame, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Wednesday to Saturday from 6:30pm to 1am

Les furies douces
Crédit photo ©Les Furies Douces

The Bar à Vin, for an inexpensive tasting

The CIVB Wine Bar is the only place in Bordeaux where you can have a grat experience over a glass of wine without breaking the brank. This Bordeaux address is a must for exploring the flavors of a new wine, getting advice on appellations and vintages or just enjoying a glass of wine.

Located in the Triangle d’or district, near the Grand Théâtre, this wine bar offers a large selection of wines : reds, dry and sweet whites, rosés, clarets and crémants, constantly renewed showing the strong diversity of the Bordeaux vineyard. Here, the wines are only served by the glass, always adapting to the type of wine chosen. As for the price, glasses of wine cost only between 2 and 10 €. Their little plus ? The tastings are completed by a personalized card to know the flavors and aromas of the wines. It is a real initiatory journey to learn how to taste wine easily and to discover a selection of wines.

To fill this convivial moment in this contemporary wine bar in Bordeaux, gourmet plates are proposed : lamproie, charcuterie, cheeses, chocolates. The food is priced between 6 € and 15 €.

So, what do you think of this unique food and wine experience in Bordeaux ? Doesn’t it make you want to ?

📍I go there : 3 cours du 30 Juillet, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Monday to Saturday from 11am to 10pm

Bar à vin CIVB
Crédit photo ©Le Bar à Vin

Les Trois Pinardiers, the trip to the heart of tasting

Are you looking for a wine bar in Bordeaux ? Look no further ! Les Trois Pinardiers is the perfect little wine bar for you. Located in the charming Place Gambetta district, this bar and wine cellar takes you on a journey with a fine selection of 100 wines, renewed every month and all offered by the glass. One-of-a-king, the selection of wines is made among 50 references tasted blind, to offer a distinctive and quality taste experience.

In addition to the wines, Les Trois Pinardiers in Bordeaux offers a selection of cheese boards, charcuterie, tapas, veggies plates, burratas or roasted camembert… To accompany your nice and friendly moment mixing food and wine. You can also subscribe to receive a bottle of wine every month, from 69 € for 3 months, 138 € for 6 months and 276 € for 12 months. This subscription is the ideal why to discover the different types of wines.

Then, each month, the team chooses three bottles that have marked them to add to the menu. They are also offered for one month in both subscription packages.

So don’t wait any longer to discover this unique wine bar in Bordeaux ! Les Trois Pinardiers is the ideal bar to enjoy a glass of wine but also for wine lovers looking for a quality taste experience.

📍I go there : 2 rue Georges Bonnac, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Monday to Sunday from 5:00pm to 12:00am

Les Trois Pinardiers
Crédit photo ©Les Trois Pinardiers

Le Métropolitain Bordeaux, the great selection of wines

Located in the heart of Bordeaux, the wine bar Le Métropolitain offers a wide selection of wines from France and elsewhere for a wine tasting and a moment of pleasure guaranteed between sommeliers, amateurs or neophytes.

Are you a white, red or rosé wine lover ? A lover of Bordeaux or Burgundy wine ? A lover of organic, vegan or biodynamic wine ? In this wine bar that guarantees you a unique moment of sharing and honoring the winemakers, the brewers and the prestigious domains, there is something for everyone thanks to their large selection of wines. Here, you can taste different types of wines : organic, vegan or biodynamic wines with finesse, character and exception.

In addition to that, La Métropolitain Bordeaux, you can also enjoy local, farm and artisanal dishes such as planks of cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables to crunch, delicious toast or chocolate cake… As for prices, you can enjoy a glass of wine between 6 € and 8 € and treat yourself to dishes ranging from 5 € to 30 € depending on your hunger. It’s the perfect bar for an evening of food and wine with friends, spouse, family or colleagues.

Moreover, sommelier workshops are offered in this bar in Bordeaux to learn how to taste wine : tasting course, unusual tasting.

Don’t hesitate and think about booking to go for a drink, to eat or to participate in the workshops, you won’t be disappointed !

📍I go there : 49 Cours d’Alsace-et-Lorraine, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Tuesday, Sunday from 6pm to 11pm and Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm to midnight

Le Métropolitain Bordeaux
Crédit photo ©Le Métropolitain Bordeaux

Coumé Vaï, a warm place

In the heart of rue Saint-Rémi, the street very popular for its good restaurants, discover the wine bar & delicatessen : Coumé Vaï, a small Bordeaux address.

If you want to eat and drink a glass of wine, the address is perfect. The local menu offers a wide choice of dishes (boards to share with cold cuts, cheese…, hot dishes, salads, sandwiches) to accompany your glass of red or white wine. On the price side, the wine, served by the glass costs 6 €. For the dishes, the price varies between 6.90 € and 29 €.

It is the ideal place for a small evening in a warm and musical atmosphere. Go there, you won’t be disappointed.

📍I go there : 65 rue Saint-Rémi, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Monday to Saturday from 10am to 11pm and Sundy from 9am to 10pm

Coumé Vaï
Crédit photo ©Coumé Vaï

Tchin Tchin Wine Bar, a complete experience

Tchin Tchin is our latest selection of the best wine bars in Bordeaux. Located in the Saint-Pierre district, the place offers you a complete experience between good food and good wine.

Throughout your evening, the team shares with you its knowledge of wine to make you live and exceptional moment. If you want to go there to taste different types of wine, several options are available to you such as blind tasting for example. You can also go to Tchin Tchin Wine Bar to enjoy a good meal with a good wine carefully chosen by the team. Differents dishes mixing European and Asian culture are proposed. For example, you can eat a handmade spicy eggplant bao with a glass of red Bordeaux wine, a lamb curry with a rich and structured red wine, a vegan dish with a glass of full-bodied white wine… Finally, oenology courses are also offered.

At Tchin Tchin, the wines selected are of high quality, organic, biodynamic and environmentally friendly. If you are an amateur, a passionate person, you are sure to learn a lot !

📍I go there : 3 rue Emile Duployé, 33000 BORDEAUX
📅 When ? Monday (from 3pm to 10:30pm) / Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (from 4pm to 10:30pm) / Friday, Saturday, Sunday (from 3pm to 10:30pm)

Tchin Tchin
Crédit photo ©Tchin Tchin Wine Bar

Our interactive map of the best wine bars in Bordeaux

Here is our summary map where we suggest the eight most essential adresses for wine bars in Bordeaux. Don’t hesitate to visit them, you will surely have a good time with a glass of wine to taste and food. In addition, if you are interested in this field, you will be able to learn new things and thus deepen your knowledge !

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