10 activities to do for a unique team building in Paris

1) Manufacturing a beer workshop – brewing and initiation 

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Come and discover the craft beer’s world : brewing beer, tasting and initiation.

A professional brewer will assist you for 2 or 4 hours. The program :

  • You will participate to the different stages of brewing a beer
  • You will discover the amateur brewing’s world, beer and its manufacture in the entire world and in France
  • You will try different styles of craft beers to taste with cold cuts and cheese
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to bottle craft beer, labeled and custom

Number of participants : From 4 to 22 persons

2) Cocktails and mixology workshop

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The idea of this workshop is to become a real bartender for 1h30. After a description of all the ingredients, the liquors, decorations, the equipment and a demonstration by the bartender who supervises  the group, you will make three cocktails according to your tastes and desires. After that you will be able to taste those cocktails with some assortments and all that in a friendly atmosphere with your colleagues and friends !

Number of participants :  From 2 to 50 persons

3)  A culinary Malter Chef workshop – creation of cocktails with beer

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Like real stars of a TV show, you will be able to confront you in small teams on a precise test : the accomplishment of cocktails with beer. You will dispose a whole proposition of several beers and various ingredients (alcohols, fresh fruits, soft drinks …) and will have to compose your own cocktail following a precise theme given at the beginning of the activity. It’s up to you to play ! You will have from 20 to 30 minutes to make your cocktail ! The activity can be renewed two or three times and a new theme will be given :

  • Blindly find the ingredients of the first homemade beer cocktail
  • Create your beer cocktail with an imposed theme
  • Carte blanche, it’s up to you !

You will have to pay attention, the aesthetic of the cocktail is as important as the taste of it ! Once the cocktails are finish, the next step of the workshop will be the jury test, as in a real TV show. For the scoring criteria it will be :

  • The respect of the imposed theme (you must find a name for your cocktail)
  • The taste of the cocktail
  • The aesthetic of the cocktail

Number of participant : From 10 to 30 persons

4) Culinary Challenge  

team building | 15

In teams, you will concoct your lunch or dinner supervised by a Chef during a “Cooking Challenge” and finish the activity by enjoying your achievements together in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Number of participants : From 15 to 30 persons

5) The Top Chef Workshop 

team building | 16

This Top Chef workshop will boost your creativity and organization. In team of 3 to 5 persons, you will be supervised by a Chef who will support you and help you with the technical aspect. He will give you a mark at the end of the “test”, considering the preparation, the dressage and, of course, the taste of your cuisine.

All the products you will use during this team building are beautiful seasonal products, locals, and bios preferably !

Moreover, the place of the workshop is entirely eco responsable. The space is arranged so that you can organise a meeting in dedicated room. The “pluses” of the workshop :

  • You will learn cooking techniques and tips shared by our Chef, to reproduce at home !
  • You will invent and make recipes withe the advices of the Chef
  • All the products used are locals and seasonal ones
  • You can choose 100% vegan, kosher, halal or gluten free ingredients for only 10€ more per person

Number of participants : From 5 to 30 persons

6)  Creation of chocolate

team building | 17

Take a seat in the workshop and become, for a moment, a true chocolate maker.

We offer workshops for all ages to discover the techniques of making chocolate throughout a friendly moment. Immerse your hands into the chocolate and leave with your creations to enjoy them with your family or friends. These are high-end chocolates which the participant make himself (it is different from assembly), with the same noble products used in the workshop’s laboratory.

Number of participant : From 3 to 12 persons

7) The wine casino

team building | 18

The wine casino is a new concept combining casino games with the world of wine. Upon arrival, all the participants receive a bag of tokens and a wine glass. Then, they can settle the game table of their choice, in free access. Each table is animated by a professional of wine and animation. The purpose of this team building is to introduce the participants to wine and gastronomy through different game tables by earning tokens and blowing up the bank like in a real casino. The event closes with a grand auction in the spirit of the wines selling of the Hospices de Beaune, from 30 participants.

Number of participant : From 10 to 300 persons

8) Chocolate hunt in Saint-Germain-des-Près

team building | 19

For this activity, the 6th arrondissement of Paris becomes your playground for around 2h30. With your teammates, your mission is to search 6 “Candies” that will fill and ideal box of chocolates. You will have a mini GPS to help.  You will have the opportunity to push the doors of the greatest Chocolatiers of the world, taste them and try to recognize which one of them is to put in the ideal chocolate box’s. Steps of the activity :

  • A testing of macarons signed by Pierre Hermé in front of the Saint Sulpice church
  • A 100% chocolate quizz to test your cocoa culture

Number of participant : From 10 to 36 persons

9) Chocolate investigation

team building | 20

This team building is midway between a police investigation and a chocolate tasting. It is organized in three dynamic stages by teams of 3 to 5 persons on a digital tablet :

  • Step 1 “The recruitment” : A quiz about chocolate
  • Step 2 “The Masterclass” : This is a small participative chocolate tasting class during which you will compare two chocolate squares.
  • Step 3 “The survey” : It is up to you to conduct the investigation. A murder have been committed and chocolate was found on the crime scene. Your mission is to taste the chocolates and find, thanks to the same one, who is the culpable.

Discover through this activity, a gourmet team building that federates your teams while allowing you to learn more about the basics of chocolate. The activity can be done at the place of your choice.

Number of participant : From 10 to 150 persons

10) The Beer Bike Tour

team building | 21

Finish this top 10 with the funniest one. The aim is to visit Paris in a Beer Bike : a good way to have fun on a special bike with your friends / colleagues… and some beers !

This concept has already proven its worth abroad and has been re-adapted in France for an offbeat French experience ! The Beer Bike is a tour of 1:30 to 2 hours in the streets of Paris for 8 to 14 persons : 10 cranksets and 4 passenger seats (to be able to relay). You are accompanied by an experienced driver and an animator / waiter. This unusual bike combines team spirit, good atmosphere and sport… Yes, you still have to pedal to move forward !

To resume, the Beer Bike is :

  • A good atmosphere activity guaranteed
  • A unique and fun activity
  • A joint effort and team spirit activity

Number of participants : From 8 to 14 persons

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