The best cooking classes in Bordeaux

Have you always wanted to learn to cook like a French chef or make new culinary discoveries? It is now possible, with a cooking or pastry class in Bordeaux! This exciting city is the ideal place to discover French and world gastronomy. You will not only learn how to make complete menus and classic and popular dishes, but also how to pair them with the perfect wine. At the end of the course, you will be able to impress your friends and family with your new skills and knowledge.


Why Bordeaux is the best place to learn to cook

Bordeaux is a beautiful city in France and it is also the perfect place to learn how to cook. There are many cooking classes and workshops available for all levels of cooks. There are many renowned and confirmed Chefs who are passionate about cooking and they will ensure that you have a good time while learning to cook and passing on their know-how. If you are looking for a cooking class with a Michelin-starred Chef, you will find what you are looking for in Bordeaux.

A selection of the best cooking workshops in Bordeaux

Southwestern cuisine

The Elite Cooking courses (ex cook and go) are an opportunity to participate in one of the largest cooking workshops in Bordeaux. Large bright space and facing the Garonne, this workshop is the perfect place to learn how to make the most beautiful recipes of the South-West.

Canelés and Basque cake

Canelés is the most emblematic dessert of the city of Bordeaux. Sandra offers you a 100% South-West pastry workshop to learn this treasure of delicacies.

Learn to cook fish like a great chef

Another Elite Cooking workshop that gives pride of place to fish recipes. Often we do not know how to prepare our fish, this is an opportunity to introduce you to new techniques and recipes around fish.


Other cooking classes in Bordeaux are open for reservation on Kweezine where you will find many talented Chefs who wish to pass on their know-how. Do not hesitate to visit us for practical information.


why learning to cook is an unforgettable experience
The best cooking classes in Bordeaux are those that teach you how to cook traditional French cuisine with good local products. You will discover not only how to cook and taste local specialties (cannelés, duck, sausages etc.), but also to know the history and culture behind Bordeaux gastronomy. These classes are fun, informative and a great way to meet new people and share a great culinary experience.
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