Best ice cream in Bordeaux!

The sun is finally back and with this hot weather, what better way to cool down than with a gourmet and tasty ice cream?! We found the best artisanal ice cream parlors in Bordeaux to treat you all summer long!

La Fabrique Givrée

La Fabrique Givrée is the story of three childhood friends passionate about gastronomy and lovers of fresh products who have decided to create ice cream in many forms! This gourmet shop on rue du Pas-Saint-Georges will surprise you with its unique combinations of surprising and delicious fragrances (apricot-rosemary, hazelnut-toast), created by a gourmet chef and made from exceptional ingredients, a true delight for the taste buds! You will find sorbets, ice cream, desserts but also drinks like milkshakes and smoothies, in short… enough to treat you !

ice cream | 2
Photo © La Fabrique Givrée


25 Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges

33000 Bordeaux

La Fabrique GivréeFacebook 

La Maison du Glacier

Nestled in the heart of the historic center of Bordeaux on the beautiful Place Saint-Pierre, this sign from Ardèche offers a selection of ice creams and sorbets crafted from fresh fruit by Terre Adélice. You have the choice of up to 80 flavors, half of which are organic: mint, rhubarb, gooseberry, matcha green tea … It will also be the opportunity to discover new flavors like madeleine, foie gras or maple for an exclusive gourmet experience ! La Maison du Glacier also offers organic teas, juices and lemonades, as well as a selection of desserts that you can enjoy in the shade, on the beautiful terrace of the glacier, or to-go.

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Photo © La Maison du Glacier


1 Place Saint-Pierre

33000 Bordeaux


Ô Sorbet d’Amour

This glacier, originating from Moulleau, first opened in 1935. Just thinking about the ice creams and sorbets makes our mouths water. No matter your preference, you will certainly find the flavors that will tickle your taste buds amongst a rich choice of a hundred flavors! It’ll be easy to find this famous glacier by walking the streets of Bordeaux since, due to its success, they now have 3 shops in the city center.

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Photo © Ô Sorbet d’Amour


11 Place du Parlement 

14 Place Gambetta

Promenade Sainte Catherine

33 000 Bordeaux 

Ô Sorbet d’AmourFacebook 

Bonnie Blue 

You will not be able to pass this charming boutique of artisanal and Provençal ice cream without stopping here! Bonnie Blue is distinguished from other ice cream in Bordeaux due to its Provençal tastes that will not leave you unsatisfied, with flavors like melon, almond milk and calisson (a French candy!), lavender honey and thyme… For the less adventurous, you will also find all the classic flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc… You can taste sorbets made up of 80% fresh and seasonal fruit and creams made with raw milk and organic eggs, for a real explosion of flavors! And for those in search for more, Bonnie Blue offers excellent pancakes and homemade waffles with chocolate or caramel coulis and a whipped cream that is to die for!

ice cream | 5
Photo © Bonnie Blue


9 Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre

33000 Bordeaux



This glacier with the Italian name is actually a French creation. Amorino was founded by two childhood friends from northern Italy, who sought to rediscover the taste of “gelato,” the delicious ice cream that the Italians have the secret. Here, they use no dye, no synthetic aroma, and everything is 100% natural with some organic references. Our mouths are watering already! We can say that it is the cream of the crop! Particular attention is paid to the choice of ingredients used to make the ice cream and the presentation of the ice cream is in the shape of a rose! Last but not least, Amorino offers several vegan flavors permanently in all its shops. What a way to really satisfy everyone !

ice cream | 6
Photo © Amorino


53 rue de la Porte de Dijeaux

60 rue Saint-Rémi

33 000 Bordeaux


Fernand & Paulette

Surely you have already crossed the beautiful colorful scooter of this duo full of pep’s, the Mirror of water or the Quinconces! They are also found at public or private events all summer. Fernand & Paulette offer you original and tasty frozen creations to refresh you. Granite from an original manufacturing concept with hand-crushed ice, directly on the ice block and then flavored with organic fruit syrup from Meneau, fruity or alcoholic eskimos (mojitos, pastis), have not finished surprising us ! All their creations are homemade from local and seasonal products.

ice cream | 7
Photo © Fernand & Paulette


Miroir d’eau – Place des Quinconces 

33 000 Bordeaux –

Fernand & PauletteFacebook 

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