Exceptional cocktails at the Apothek

The Kweezine team suggest you a unique place for a special cocktail tasting!

Dan, the owner of the place, invites you to discover his bar located in the Chartrons district.

Opened since a year and a half now, the Apothek gets its name from the term “apothecary” : the one who was preparing drinks and medicinal potions and the precursor of the cocktails we know nowadays ! The place carries you in a warm and retro atmosphere inspired by the New-York city of the 20s-30s. Clearly a perfect tribute to the American era, pioneer in the art of cocktails!

cocktail | 2

The bar offers you a wide selection of exceptional alcohols but especially six specials Apothek creations that renew themselves according to the creativity of its experienced bartenders!

The little extra of the Apothek : as experts, the bartenders are at your disposal to concoct you a cocktail that matches with your preferences.

To complete this little portrait, the Apothek offers the possibility to organize professional workshops and group reservations.

You can now book your workshop on the Kweezine website.

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The Apothek
96 rue Notre Dame – 33000 Bordeaux
+33 5 57 22 09 54

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