Where to find the best french macarons in Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris in the next few weeks? If there’s one thing you need to put on your to do list list, is to taste french macaroons in some of Paris’s finest patisseries. The French capital is home to some of the most renowned pastry Chefs in the world, and the macaroon is THE emblematic french pastry to try first.

These sweet delights trace their roots back to the Middle Ages, but it’s in the 20th century that the modern macaron emerged in its current form. Two light, airy shells, perfectly matched and delicately filled with ganache or cream. It’s both a pastry work of art and an exquisite gustatory experience. Macarons experienced a spectacular revival in the last few decades, becoming an icon of French pastry. Today, these sweet pleasures are a must-try during any visit to Paris, and with the assistance of Kweezine, you’ll discover the best parisian pastry shops to savor these sugary marvels steeped in history.

Nota bene: For those of you who want to try making macaroons at home, we share with you the recipe for French macaroons inspired by the great pastry chefs on this blog article “the french macarons recipe“.

Macarons Pierre Hermé – the french pastry Chef specialising in macarons

Pierre Hermé’s journey into the world of pastry artistry unfolds against a backdrop of four generations of Alsace-based pastry experts. Commencing his apprenticeship at the tender age of 14 under the guidance of Lenôtre, he later lent his skills to Fauchon and Ladurée before establishing his eponymous maison in 1996.

Widely hailed as the trailblazer of high-fashion macarons, Hermé’s approach is a seamless blend of style and culinary finesse. His creations are characterized by a minimalist, almost graphic aesthetic. On the palate, he orchestrates unexpected encounters, deftly navigating the realms of sweet and savory, as evidenced by the sublime salted butter caramel macaron or his iconic Ispahan, a triumphant trilogy of rose petals, whole raspberries, and lychees.

A pioneer in infusing generosity into his fillings, Hermé has masterfully multiplied the dimensions of flavor. Beyond this, he treats his range as a dynamic collection, undergoing several seasonal renewals throughout the year.

The reputation of those macarons is well established. Pierre Hermé invite you to discover his creations with a crunchy and unctuous shell and a tasty ganache with a strong taste. The Pierre Hermé macarons give us the opportunity to discover new flavors and interesting flavors associations.

Encompassing the signature traits of Pierre Hermé’s creations, his macarons are consistently indulgent, generously sized, visually stunning, and bursting with original flavors. The flavor pairings are strikingly surprising,

🪙Price : box of 12 macarons : 37 €
📍Adress: 18 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie – Paris 04

macarons | 4

Crédit Photo: Pierre Hermé

Macarons Maison Ladurée – the pioneer of modern macarons since 1960

Established in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée, the iconic Ladurée House began as a bakery on Rue Royale in the heart of a bustling Parisian neighborhood, favored by luxury establishments.

A fire in 1871 prompted Louis Ernest to transform the bakery into a patisserie. Renowned painter Jules Chéret adorned the boutique with charming angels, later becoming the emblem of the house.

During this era, Ladurée’s famous macarons hadn’t yet hit the market. It was in the early 1900s that Louis Ernest’s grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, crafted the first macaron. He then inaugurated a tea salon on the boutique’s upper floor, pioneering the trend of tea salons in France.

At the heart of its enduring fame lies an unparalleled macaron recipe, a harmonious marriage of a crisp, almond-infused shell with an indulgent, velvety ganache that caters to the most refined palates. This unique combination creates a symphony of flavors, elevating the Ladurée macarons to a level of gastronomic artistry that transcends time.

🪙Price : Box of 12 macarons : 37 €

📍Adress: 75 Avenue des Champs Elysées – 75008 Paris

macarons | 5
Crédit Photos: Maison Ladurée

Macarons Cyril Lignac – one of the best-known Chefs in France

Chef Cyril Lignac, born in 1977, is a renowned French Chef.  Chef Lignac joined Alain Passard’s brigade at L’Arpège in Paris in 2000. Subsequently, he worked with Jacques and Laurent Pourcel at Le Jardin des Sens and La Maison Blanche. In 2002, he took on a role at Pierre Hermé’s pastry shop before becoming the sous-chef at Alain Ducasse’s La Grande Cascade.

With this rich background, Lignac aspired to open his first restaurant. Simultaneously, French television channel M6 presented him with the concept for the show “Oui Chef!” in 2005, catapulting him to widespread fame. Since 2010, he has been a coach on the popular culinary show “Top Chef” in France. In 2012, he achieved a significant milestone by receiving his first Michelin star for his restaurant, Le Quinzième. Expanding his empire, in 2013, he inaugurated a second venture, La Pâtisserie Cyril Lignac. The Lignac brand thrives, offering daring French macarons while preserving the essence of this iconic French pastry.

Those macarons are entirely made with French products. Their shell and texture are well balanced in terms of texturewith original flavours: Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Butter Caramel, 70% Dark Chocolate, Sicilian Pistachio, Rose.

🪙Price : Box of 10 macarons : 20 €
📍Adress: 133 rue de Sèvres- 75006 Paris

macarons | 6

Macarons Pierre Marcolini – A highly creative pastry Chef

Pierre Marcolini’s macaroons stand out for their subtle blend of tradition and innovation. Each bite is an invitation to a gustatory journey where classic flavours meet unexpected combinations. Marcolini doesn’t just follow trends, it creates them, offering a new sensory experience with every taste.

What really sets Pierre Marcolini’s macaroons apart is the infinite creativity behind them. The flavour palettes are carefully crafted, blending ingredients of the highest quality to create unique taste harmonies. From rich, creamy ganaches to light, airy fillings, each macaroon embodies the expression of a passion for culinary innovation.

The Pierre Marcolini macarons are generous, light and particularly gourmet, including his chocolate macarons creations that are to taste without waiting.

🪙Price : Box of 10 macarons : 20 €
📍Adress: 133 rue de Sèvres- 75006 Paris

macarons | 7
Crédit Photo Pierre Marcolini

Macarons Hugo & Victor – 100% natural macaroons from Chef Hugues Pouget

macarons | 8
Crédit Photo Hugo & Victor

Chef Hugues Pouget, a culinary virtuoso, honed his skills in prestigious Parisian palaces like Carlton and Le Bristol, and with the renowned Ladurée. At 25, he crossed paths with three-star chef Guy Savoy, who appointed him executive chef, overseeing five group restaurants in Paris. This experience led to a mission in Las Vegas, fueling Hugues’ passion for adventure and exotic flavors through travels in Asia and Latin America. Enriched by global discoveries, his love for the exceptional freshness of ingredients grew, rooted in the sun-kissed fruits of his Southern France upbringing. Hugues’ remarkable journey, ceaseless exploration, and insatiable curiosity shaped him into the demanding and passionate chef-entrepreneur he is today. Triumphs, including winning the 2003 French Dessert Championship, paved the way for him to open his first Parisian boutique in 2010. Always creative and eager for collaborations, Hugues enjoys crafting unique, tailor-made creations during sincere encounters with remarkable personalities like Catherine Deneuve, Matthieu Ricard, or Thierry Courtin, making every festive moment exceptional.

Hugues Pouget spent months experimenting with his team in the workshop before successfully developing a process for natural coloring in his macarons, pastries, and chocolates. He now utilizes fruit or vegetable powders, such as spinach for pistachio hue, beetroot for red, and carrot for caramel. The minimal quantity employed doesn’t affect the various flavors of the macarons, while imparting them with softer shades.

🪙Price : Box of 8 macarons : 22 €
📍Adress: 40, Boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris

Macarons Jean Paul Hévin – the master of the chocolate macaroon

French Chef Jean-Paul Hévin is a master chocolatier who, with his reputation as Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier in 1986, has elevated the art of the chocolate macaroon to almost mythical status. At the head of a sweet empire, with 5 boutiques gracefully scattered across Paris and 15 in Asia (including a dozen in Japan), Hévin is much more than a creator of chocolate; he is a storyteller of taste.

Seven years ago, Hévin captured our palates with his exceptional chocolate macaroon, taking this little delicacy to unexplored heights. His expertise as Meilleur Ouvrier de France pâtissier shines through in every creation, marked by a delicacy and richness of flavour that are simply unrivalled.

This Meilleur Ouvrier de France offers you exceptional chocolate macarons. We continue to talk about it and the reason is that they are worked so that we can feel each of the subtle aromas of the different chocolate used for their making.

🪙Price : Box of 10 macarons : 23 €
📍Adress: 3, rue Vavin 75006 Paris

macarons | 9

Macarons Dominique Saibron – one of the best bakers in Paris

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Dominique Saibron, an illustrious figure in the realm of French boulangerie, celebrated not only in France but also on the global stage. Renowned as one of the preeminent bakers worldwide, Saibron’s name is synonymous with prestige and excellence in the art of baking.

For Chef Saibron, perfection is not just a goal; it’s a way of life. His dedication to the craft has elevated him to the echelons of the baking elite. Within his realm, the union of bread and chocolate becomes an exceptional association, a testament to his commitment to satisfying the desires of his clientele.

Saibron’s pièce de résistance lies in traditional pastries, with a particular penchant for the mille-feuille. Here, he transforms this classic into a canvas of innovation, offering six original flavors: rose, lemon, tiramisu, chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. As a guardian of authenticity and the timeless allure of sweet indulgences, S

To leave Saibron’s haven without savoring his macarons and pastries would be nothing short of heresy. Those macarons are made with natural dyes, fruits puree and Valrhona chocolate. A sweet balance in the mouth to discover with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Each bite unfolds a narrative of taste, crafted with precision and passion, showcasing Saibron’s mastery over the delicate art of patisserie.

🪙Price : Box of 10 macarons : 23 €
📍Adress: 3, rue Vavin 75006 Paris

macarons | 10

Macarons Arnaud Larher

macarons | 11

Those macarons look fairly standard. They have a crispy shell and an abundant ganache and this Meilleur Ouvrier de France has distinguished itself with the level of the different tastes proposed which continue to surprise us.

Macarons Sébastien Degardin

macarons | 12

Sébastien Degardin launched his own speciality : the “Maronis”, inspired from the traditional macarons. This unique pastry offers a soft and slightly crunchy almond-base biscuit. They are filled with an unctuous, light and delicate cream that will delight your taste buds despite a less elegant appearance than our famous macarons !

Find  the best Macarons class in Paris to become an expert in making delicious macarons on Kweezine !

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