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More and more people are choosing a more environmentally-friendly diet. To satisfy this growing and better-eating clientele, many vegetarian and vegan establishments have recently opened their doors. With this new concept, it is not always easy to find restaurants! But don’t panic, Kweezine offers an overview of some of Bordeaux’s 100% vegetarian or vegan restaurants!

Munchies, the American vegan

A few steps from Place de la Victoire, you cannot miss this beautiful wooded storefront! This trendy and cozy coffee shop offers a vegan, organic version of American cuisine. The big specialty of the house: the “hot dog”! This vegetable sausage is served in an organic bun from the bakery. You will also find daily specials as vegan and gluten-free bowls, vegan pastries and homemade juices.

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Photo © Munchies



21 rue des Augustins, 33000 Bordeaux

Le P’tit Chez Moi, Chartron’s veggie spot

This cozy spot nestled in the heart of Notre-Dame Street is an intimate place that invites you to relax with its total green look. Le P’tit Chez Moi offers a vegetarian cuisine that is 100% organic, seasonal, gluten-free and lactose-free…the epitome of good eating! Stéphane, the manager, opted for a self-serve food bar to limit waste. You can choose from delicious dishes that make up the self-serve bar like pies, soups, vegetables or dishes of the day and you pay by weight (2.20 € per 100g / 4oz) or portions for pies, soups and desserts. This home-style cooking will definitely satisfy your taste buds! It is ideal for a quick lunch break, whether you eat there or take it to-go.

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Photo © Le P’tit Chez Moi


Le P’tit Chez Moi
46 rue Notre Dame, 33000 BORDEAUX

Tofu’toi, organic and vegetarian street-food

Aboard her eco-friendly Food-Truck, Emilie, a vegetarian herself, offers you varied and gourmet vegetarian dishes based on organic and local products. You are offered the menu of the day composed of soups (like Thai-style coral lentils, velouté of potatoes and parsnips with a vanilla almond cream…), gourmet dishes (pumpkin crumble and winter vegetables) with pumpkin seeds, savory pies with smoked tofu and cashews and sweet potato steak with toasted chestnut flakes) and desserts of all kinds (chocolate tofu muffins, hibiscus flower cake, almond bites and candied lemons…), as well as a sandwich menu that evolves with seasonal products. She will also offer you a healthier version of French fries that will prove to you that vegetarian cooking can be as tasty and well balanced as a meat diet!


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Photo © Tofu’Toi
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Photo © Tofu’Toi



Find all its locations on Web Site


Kitchen Garden, the inevitable veggie bordelais

A very tasty restaurant for a vegetarian cuisine, prepared with fresh and organic products! On the menu: seasonal fruit & veggie bowls, sandwiches, soups, quiches…in short, original and fun recipes that won’t leave you feeling guilty! The menu changes daily according to the chef’s desires and produce because the restaurant is supplied mainly from local producers! And to top it all off… organic fruit and vegetable juices are served all day long! In sum, Kitchen Garden is a small, committed restaurant interested in promoting well-being, and has definitely been successful!

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Photo © Kitchen Garden
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Photo © Kitchen Garden


Kitchen Garden

22 rue Sainte-Colomb – 33000 Bordeaux


Cactus General Store, the 100% vegan coffee shop

The cutest 100% organic and eco-friendly vegan coffee shop located in the Chartrons district! At lunchtime you can enjoy a unique vegan menu, prepared with seasonal fruits and vegetables from organic farming! With its minimalist Scandinavian decor and its cozy atmosphere, Cactus Coffee is the perfect place to take a well-deserved break! Let yourself enjoy a cappuccino with hazelnut milk, a slice of carrot cake or a chocolate hazelnut muffin. It also has a concept store where you can find ethical and eco-friendly products.


Cactus Coffee

92 Rue Notre Dame – 33000 Bordeaux

Site WebFacebook 

La cuisine de Johanna, the vegetarian buffet

A vegetarian cuisine prepared with fresh products, only from organic farming. The menu is served as a daily buffet of hot and cold dishes, for a self-serve plate of whatever you desire! The menu is vegetarian but there are also vegan and gluten-free options. To limit waste, the meal is priced by weight. Johanna’s kitchen has adopted an eco-responsible and ethical approach from its local suppliers, cleaning products, to its recyclable to-go boxes.

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Photo © La cuisine de Johanna
vegan | 13


La cuisine de Johanna

44 cours Anatole France, 33000 Bordeaux

Facebook  – Site Web

Rest’o, vegetarian & vegan, 100% organic restaurant

A small vegetarian and vegan, 100% organic restaurant is located on the docks close to the Garonne waterfront! A unique daily meal is a hearty plate of different dishes – ideal for those who like to taste a little bit of everything! Even more, the menu is adaptable on request. The chef can turn a vegetarian dish into a vegan dish. In short, culinary creations full of flavors, and above all… quality products! All desserts are vegan, so no reason to deprive yourself!

vegan | 14
Photo © Rest’O
vegan | 15
Photo © Rest’O



16 quai de Bacalan, 33000 Bordeaux 

Site Web

Dose, healthy food near Marché des Halles de Bacalan 

Another well-known restaurant for vegetarians and vegans in Bordeaux who want to eat better! This restaurant with 100% vegan cuisine (with some vegetarian options if needed), is primarily an organic fruit juice bar. There is a very large selection of fresh juice (detox, smoothies …) to fill up with vitamins! You can also request gluten-free dishes. Here, you can find 100% organic products from partnerships with local farmers (exotic products also come from organic and fair trade sectors)! Everything is homemade, depending on the arrival of the day, without preservatives or additives. We appreciate the restaurant’s transparency. Dose takes an eco-responsible approach with biodegradable to-go cutlery and eco-friendly products. Even more, Dose can come to you thanks to its delivery bike!


Dose Posologie Addictive 

33 quai Richelieu, 33000 Bordeaux

Dose Posologie Addictive


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