The must-try savoury brunch recipes

In the relaxed atmosphere of a Sunday morning, there’s nothing like a savoury brunch to kick off the day on a high note. If you’re lacking inspiration, here’s a selection of 10 essential savoury brunch recipes to satisfy everyone.

🥚 The star of brunch: egg in all its forms

Eggs have a number of advantages: they’re not expensive, they can be endlessly reproducible and they’re rich in proteins and vitamins, making them an ideal brunch ingredient.

Scrambled eggs

scrambled eggs for savoury brunch
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It couldn’t be easier! There are many different ways to make it, but here’s our suggestion: Start by beating the eggs in a bowl, seasoned with salt and pepper. If you want them to be creamier, you can add a little crème fraîche or milk. Pour the eggs into a frying pan with a bit of butter. Stir gently over a low heat until they are cooked but still soft. Remove the pan from the heat before they dry out. You can now serve them with the side dish of your choice.

The baked egg

savoury brunch | 2
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Customise as you wish! To do this, butter individual ramekins and place them in an ovenproof dish. Add a tablespoon of crème fraîche to each ramekin, then crack an egg into each one. Season with salt and pepper and add the ingredients of your choice, such as mushrooms, ham, chicken, fish, seasonal vegetables or grated cheese. Finally, pour a little additional crème fraîche over the top of the eggs, chives or thyme, and place the dish filled with boiling water in the oven for around 12 to 15 minutes at 180°c. The egg whites should set but the egg yolks should remain runny. Serve immediately, accompanied by soldiers. Simple and effective!

Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict recipe is a little more complex, but nothing too complicated, for a delicious result. It’s an American speciality consisting of an English muffin, bacon (or smoked salmon) and egg covered with a hollandaise sauce.

savoury brunch | 3
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For 4 portions:

Start by preparing the hollandaise sauce in a bain-marie by melting 180 g of butter in a saucepan. In a bowl, whisk 3 egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar, 3 tablespoons of water, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Place the bowl in a bain-marie and stir for about 3 minutes until the mixture thickens slightly. Slowly blend in the melted butter while continuing to whisk until the sauce is smooth and thick, then remove from the heat.

For the poached eggs, bring a pan of water to the boil, add a tablespoon of white vinegar, then carefully break the eggs into the boiling water. Leave to poach for about 3 minutes. Meanwhile, toast the halved English muffins and fry the bacon slices in a pan with a little butter. When the eggs are poached, drain them gently on absorbent paper.

To assemble, place a slice of bacon on each muffin half, then place a poached egg on top. Cover generously with hollandaise sauce and sprinkle with chopped chives if desired. Serve immediately.

Poached eggs

savoury brunch | 4
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As explained in the previous recipe, simply bring a pan of water to the boil with a tablespoon of white vinegar, then crack an egg into a cup (without breaking the yolk). Once the water is slightly boiling, gently pour in the egg. Cook for about 3 minutes to obtain a runny yolk and firm whites.Use a skimmer to remove the egg from the water and drain it on absorbent paper. Serve immediately with a slice of bread with the ingredients of your choice, English muffins or other accompaniments.

Omelette (with or without vegetables)

savoury brunch | 5
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For a simple and delicious omelette, beat 4 eggs in a bowl (adjust the number of eggs according to the quantity you want) with a pinch of salt and pepper. Pour the beaten eggs into the heated frying pan with a little butter or oil and cook until the edges begin to solidify. Using a spatula, gently lift the edges of the omelette to allow the uncooked liquid to flow to the bottom of the pan. Once the omelette is almost cooked, fold it in half and leave to cook a little longer until golden brown and cooked to your liking. You can personalise the omelette by adding pre-cooked vegetables.

🍞 Toast: simple and customisable

For the toast, we’re not sharing any particular recipe because, as explained above, the advantage is that it’s 100% customisable and adapted to your diet, so make it to your taste! For brunch, you can offer two or three types of bread (wholemeal, rye, farmhouse read, cornbread, pita… the ones you prefer), a variety of spreads (fromage frais, pesto, crème fraîche, tomato coulis, hummus, tapenade…. ), avocado, smoked salmon, cold meats, eggs (fried, poached, scrambled, soft-boiled), roasted or raw vegetables, several types of cheese (the essentials in our opinion: mozzarella and Emmental, which melt perfectly), and a few herbs (basil, herbes de Provence, chives….).

savoury brunch | 6
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Here are a few ideas for delicious savoury spreads to make at brunch:

  • Avocado and poached egg on toast
  • Smoked salmon and fromage frais on bread
  • Tomato and mozzarella toast
  • Hummus and grilled vegetable spread
  • Goat’s cheese and fig jam tartine
  • Pesto, bacon, mozzarella and cherry tomato toast
  • Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on bread
  • Apricot, honey and fromage frais tartine
  • Toast of Bayonne ham, ricotta and raw or grilled vegetables

🥧 Salty quiches and tarts

Preparing a brunch can sometimes be stressful because there are several dishes to prepare at once. That’s where salty quiches and tarts are essential! The good thing about these is that it can be prepared in advance, so there’s less stress on brunch day, you can put in as many ingredients as you like, and they’re great for conviviality. They are always very popular with guests.

So here are three recipe ideas for a change from the classic quiche lorraine, which can be adapted endlessly to suit your tastes and the seasons.

Courgette / sweet pepper / onion / tomato tart

savoury brunch | 7
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– 1 puff pastry
– 2 courgettes, cut into slices
– 1 red sweet pepper, cut into strips
– 1 onion, thinly sliced
– 2 tomatoes, sliced
– grated cheese (Gruyère, Emmental, etc.)
– 3 eggs
– 200 ml crème fraîche
– salt, pepper, herbs

Instructions :

  1. Preheat your oven to 180°C ( thermostat 6).
  2. Fry the courgette slices, pepper strips and chopped onions in a pan with a bit of olive oil until tender. Season with salt, pepper and herbs.
  3. Place the pastry in a buttered tart tin. Prick the base with a fork.
  4. Place the pre-cooked vegetables on the base of the tart. Arrange the tomato slices on top.
  5. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the crème fraîche, salt and pepper. Pour this mixture over the vegetables.
  6. Sprinkle the grated cheese generously over the top and add herbs if you like.
  7. Place the tart in the preheated oven and bake for around 30 minutes, until the pastry is golden brown and the filling has set. Check regularly at the end of baking.
    Serve the tart warm or at room temperature.

Tomato and goat’s cheese quiche


– 1 shortcrust pastry
– 3 tomatoes, sliced
– 150 g goat’s cheese, crumbled
– 3 eggs
– 200 ml crème fraîche
– 100 g grated cheese
– salt and pepper / Herbs

    savoury brunch | 8
    Crédit photo: @marmiton

      Instructions :

      1. Preheat your oven to 180°C ( thermostat 6).
      2. Place the shortcrust pastry in a buttered tart tin and prick the base with a fork. Place in the oven for approximately 10 minutes to lightly pre-bake the pastry.
      3. Spread the crumbled goat’s cheese over the pre-baked pastry base. Arrange the tomato slices on top.
      4. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the crème fraîche. Season with salt, pepper and herbes de Provence.
      5. Pour the mixture over the tomatoes and sprinkle the cheese over the top.
      6. Place in the oven and cook for approximately 30 minutes.
        Eat warm or at room temperature.

      Savoury cake with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and olives


      – 180 g flour
      – 4 eggs
      – 150 ml milk
      – 90 ml oil
      – 1 sachet of baking powder
      – 130 g sundried tomatoes, chopped
      – 1 ball of mozzarella, diced
      – 50 g chopped black (or green) olives
      – salt and pepper
      – basil / oregano

        savoury brunch | 9
        Crédit photo: @CuisinedAubery

        Instructions :

        1. Preheat your oven to 180°C. Butter and flour a cake tin.
        2. In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the milk and olive oil, then add the flour and baking powder. Mix well until you have a smooth batter.
        3. Add the chopped sun-dried tomatoes, diced mozzarella, olives, basil and oregano. Season and blend.
        4. Pour the batter into the buttered and floured cake tin and bake for 45 to 50 minutes. Once cooked, cooled and unmoulded, cut into slices.

        🧀 Cheese and cooked meats: the essentials

        In France, a brunch without cheese and cooked meats wouldn’t be a brunch! So choose your favourite cheeses: fromage frais for spreading (like St Morêt), Brie, Emmental, Cheddar, Gouda, Feta, Roquefort, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Comté… By choosing several varieties from this list, there’s something for everyone!

        When it comes to cold meats, a diverse selection can add a touch of flavour and texture to the table: cooked ham, chorizo, Parma ham, salami, pâté, terrines, crispy bacon (a brunch essential), pancetta – your guests will love it!

        savoury brunch | 10
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        🥗 Salads for a light touch

        savoury brunch | 11
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        What better way to add lightness to brunch?

        Even more popular in summer, discover these recipes, a change from traditional pasta and rice salads, perfect for a successful brunch.

        Greek salad

        Simply put the diced tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions and green pepper in a salad bowl and add the black olives and crumbled feta cheese. Season with salt, pepper, oregano and fresh lemon juice. Baste generously with extra virgin olive oil and blend gently to coat all the ingredients.

        Watermelon-melon-strawberry salad, perfect for summer

        Start by dicing the watermelon and melon, removing the seeds, chop the strawberries and put them in a large salad bowl. For the vinaigrette, mix some fresh lemon juice with a little honey to sweeten slightly, and some freshly chopped mint for a touch of flavour, then mix with the fruit. Place the salad bowl in the fridge for at least 1 hour to allow the flavours to blend well. Colourful and fragrant, this salad is perfect for hot summer days and will add a touch of freshness to your brunch.

        Quinoa Salad with Grilled Vegetables and Feta Cheese

        Start by cooking the quinoa (rinsed) in boiling water for around 10 minutes (or see the time indicated on your quinoa packet), then leave to get colder. Meanwhile, arrange the red sweet pepper strips, courgette slices, aubergine cubes and red onion quarters on a baking tray, sprinkle with olive oil and season to taste, then grill in the oven at 200°C (for around 25 minutes) until they are tender and golden, stirring halfway through cooking. Mix the cooked quinoa with the grilled vegetables in a large salad bowl. Make a vinaigrette by mixing olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper, then incorporate into the mixture. Add the crumbled feta and chopped basil leaves, and it’s ready!

        This recipe can be adapted according to the season, and you can also replace the quinoa with rice, pasta or wheat.

        Cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil salad

        First, halve the cherry tomatoes and dice the mozzarella into a bowl. Add chopped fresh basil for flavour. In a small bowl, prepare the vinaigrette by mixing olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Pour the vinaigrette over the cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, then toss gently to coat all the ingredients. Let stand in the fridge for around 30 minutes. This salad is the perfect accompaniment to your brunch dishes at home.

        Waffles and pancakes

        savoury brunch | 12
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        What would brunch be without waffles and/or pancakes? Yes, you can eat pancakes and waffles at a savoury brunch too! The advantage is that there are dozens of recipes to make whatever you fancy. They’re also a great way of combining vegetables with a gourmet recipe that everyone can enjoy.

        🧇 Vegetable waffle

        Broccoli waffles, courgette and carrot waffles, courgette and goat’s cheese waffles, potato waffles, corn and sweet pepper waffles, cauliflower waffles, spinach and feta waffles…. as many possibilities as there are vegetables!

        Our favourite: sweet potato waffles

        Ingredients for about 6 waffles :

        – 200g sweet potato
        – 1 egg
        – 60 g flour
        – 250 ml milk
        – 1/2 sachet baking powder
        – pepper, paprika, salt
        – chopped parsley

        Instructions :

        1. Start by peeling and dicing the sweet potato. Cook them in a pan of boiling water for about 15 minutes. To be considered sufficiently cooked, a knife should fit easily into the cubes. Reduce to a purée using a potato masher or blender.
        2. In a bowl, mix the egg, flour, milk, baking powder, salt, pepper and paprika until smooth.
        3. Add the sweet potato purée and mix again. Ideally, let the mixture rest in the fridge for as long as possible before cooking.
        4. Cook the waffles in a hot buttered waffle iron (or not if yours doesn’t need to be greased).

        For even more greediness, you can add toppings like avocado, cheese, pesto, ham, soft-boiled egg, smoked salmon and anything else you fancy. A delicious recipe that’s a must-try!

        🥞 Pancakes

        savoury brunch | 13
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        Pancakes also have the right to a multitude of different recipes to suit everyone!

        We know the classic sweet recipe, but we’re less familiar with the salty version, which makes it easy to incorporate vegetarian recipes into a brunch: potato and carrot pancakes, cheese pancakes, spinach pancakes, sweet pepper and courgette pancakes….. Think about it for your next savoury brunch!

        Our suggestion: Courgette and goat’s cheese pancakes

        Recipe for around 8 pancakes:

        Start by grating a courgette and crumbling about 100g of fresh goat’s cheese. In a bowl, mix together 150g flour, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 170ml milk, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon sunflower oil, then gradually add the grated courgette and goat’s cheese. Pour the dough into a non-stick or lightly oiled frying pan. Cook each side for around 2-3 minutes until golden brown. Repeat as many times as necessary.

        🥕 Dips: healthy and light

        savoury brunch | 14
        Crédit photo: @FreePik

        Look no further, you won’t find an easier recipe than dips for your brunches! Ideal for those lazy Sundays 😁 And once again, 100% customisable.

        You can hence offer one or more types of dips, depending on the number of people at your brunch. Here are a few ideas if you lack inspiration:
        – Guacamole
        – Black olive tapenade
        – Tzatziki
        – Greek yoghurt and herb sauce
        – Goat’s cheese and herb dip
        Serve them with a variety of breads (toast, pita, etc.), crackers and vegetables to satisfy every taste and every craving!

        🥪 Fresh sandwiches

        Sandwiches are also an essential part of brunch. Here we present several sandwich shapes to vary the pleasures.

        Club sandwiches

        Recognisable by their triangular shape, they are made up of two layers of filling separated by bread, usually toasted. Here are some ideas for creative and tasty club sandwiches for your savoury brunch:

        – Smoked salmon club sandwich
        – Grilled chicken and avocado club sandwich
        – Club sandwich with vegetables (radish, tomato, rocket, cucumber, goat’s cheese…)
        – Tuna and egg club sandwich
        – Bacon and egg club sandwich

        savoury brunch | 15
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        savoury brunch | 16
        Crédit photo: @Racool_studio sur Freepik

        There are a multitude of ways to make these round, soft ring-shaped breads into delicious sandwiches. You can take the ideas listed for club sandwiches and adapt them, but we’ve also provided some other recipe ideas, suitable for all diets. Feel free to personalise them to suit your tastes and preferences!

        – Tomato and mozzarella bagels.
        – Chicken bagels
        – Fresh cheese and cucumber bagels
        – Tomato, salad and fresh goat’s cheese bagels
        – Apple and cheese bagels


        The same goes for wraps. Take inspiration from these suggestions and adapt them, or not, according to what you fancy. You can even turn them into delicious quesadillas!

        – Tuna wraps with crudités
        – Chicken and cucumber wraps
        – Wraps with breaded goat’s cheese
        – Wraps with smoked salmon, fromage frais and salad
        – Wraps with chicken ham, spinach and goat’s cheese
        – Wraps with vegetables (carrot, courgette, tomato, salad, sweet pepper, aubergine…)
        – Chicken and sweet pepper quesadillas
        – Cheese quesadillas

        savoury brunch | 17
        Delicious tortilla on the table

        And don’t forget the hot and cold drinks!

        Hot AND cold drinks are indispensable at brunch. So offer your table several different drinks to satisfy everyone.

        ☕️ What hot drinks?

        savoury brunch | 18
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        Even at a savoury brunch, you can’t say no to a good hot drink to get the day off to a good start. These include hot chocolate, cappuccino, Viennese chocolate, coffee or tea… It’s quick and easy and not to be ignored!

        🍏 Some fresh juice inspirations

        savoury brunch | 19
        Crédit photo: @Valeria_aksakova sur Freepik

        For a change from the traditional orange, apple or apricot juices you buy in the shops, we’ve compiled a selection of juices that are easy to make at home, to refresh your taste buds during brunch. Whether it’s a simple juice, a smoothie or a milkshake, there’s something for everyone!

        – Banana, apple, spinach, kiwi juice
        – Carrot, apple and ginger juice
        – Red fruit smoothie
        – Beetroot and watermelon juice
        – Celery and green apple juice
        – Citrus fruit juice
        – Strawberry banana smoothie
        – Strawberry and vanilla milkshake
        – Chocolate and banana milkshake

        Now you know all the essential recipes for preparing the perfect savoury brunch! Now it’s up to you to choose from all these delicious recipes to enjoy a tasty brunch with friends or family.

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